February 6, 2020

Active Session Redesign (Part 3)

GoGuardian Teacher

Active Session Redesign (Part 3)

The active session header got a facelift! Teachers now have tabbed navigation, reducing the number of clicks to get from screens view to timeline view (and back), and making the navigation dropdown more discoverable for snapshots and timeline. Teachers will also have an easier experience updating class time, changing scenes, and turning chat on/off.

A screenshot of a classroom on GoGuardian Teacher

Additional Product Updates

GoGuardian Teacher
September 20, 2023
App-based deployment for GoGuardian Teacher on Windows
Pear Deck
September 7, 2023
New time-saving features for Pear Deck District Library
GoGuardian Admin
September 14, 2023
New GoGuardian Admin Dashboard
August 16, 2023
Admin Provisioning for Google, Clever, and Classlink
GoGuardian Teacher
August 15, 2023
Enhancements to GoGuardian Teacher’s Screens View
August 9, 2023
OneRoster Integration