February 20, 2024

Seamless Transitions: A Teacher's Journey with GoGuardian in Enhancing Classroom Engagement

GoGuardian Team
A headshot of Shemeaka in a blue background

In the lively halls of Mill Creek Elementary in Alabama, Shemeaka King, a second-grade teacher and National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT), finds peace of mind with GoGuardian Teacher. This edtech tool aids her in serving students and preparing them for the tech-heavy future ahead.

Navigating the transition to digital learning

Shemeaka’s transition from traditional pen-and-paper activities to digital devices could have been quite the challenge. Thankfully with GoGuardian Teacher in her toolbox, she didn’t have to worry about a thing. 

Shemeaka can seamlessly guide her students on their devices by sending links directly to them through GoGuardian Teacher, eliminating the need for them to navigate various platforms or websites independently.

"I love the fact I can shoot them a link to their devices without them having to go through the process of trying to find the website or go through Clever," Shemeaka shared. The internet is full of wonderful resources, and GoGuardian Teacher helps her ensure her learners have distraction-free access.

Maintaining focus while minimizing distractions

Before GoGuardian Teacher, Shemeaka struggled with managing off-task behavior in a digital classroom, particularly the fear of students accessing inappropriate websites. She emphasized the relief GoGuardian Teacher brought by allowing her to set Scenes, ensuring students stayed on designated websites and activities for the duration of the lesson. With Scenes, her students can remain on task and engaged, and she can focus on small-group instruction.

"I don’t have to worry about the other students on their devices while I'm working with a small group of students…I don't stress about the students who are working independently going to websites they're not supposed to be on," she explained.

"They understand I have control of their screens while they are in class. If I see a notification that they’re trying to get on something unrelated, I shut it down real quick.”

Shemeaka also highlighted additional features of GoGuardian Teacher that have become game-changers in her classroom. For instance, the ability to send announcements directly to students' screens helps her effectively signal transitions without the need for vocal instructions during days a lesson calls for headphone usage. This allows her students to quickly transition from one task to the other, with her students ready and prepared to respond to her on-screen prompts. 

GoGuardian Teacher + Pear Deck = Elevated engagement and communication

Beyond GoGuardian Teacher, Shemeaka spoke passionately about the seamless integration of Pear Deck, from GoGuardian’s sister company Pear Deck Learning, into her teaching practices. She emphasized how Pear Deck is a transformative tool, particularly during asynchronous days or when substitutes are in charge.

"Pear Deck becomes like my teacher assistant, so I can rest easy if I'm going to be out of the classroom or attending a meeting. I’ll assign my students a Pear Deck lesson and they just follow through the slides and complete their assignments that way while the substitute monitors," she shared.

Beyond the classroom

Shemeaka extended the discussion to the district level, revealing her entire district has embraced GoGuardian Teacher. During virtual days, Shemeaka utilizes GoGuardian Teacher’s presentation feature to provide support to students and parents struggling with technology-related challenges.

"For example, if a student or parent is having some trouble getting onto a lesson I’ve assigned or they don't quite know how to maneuver through Clever, I'm able to present my screen and walk them through the steps on how to get there," she shared.

Leading tech-infused instruction

Shemeaka's journey with GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Deck exemplifies the positive impact edtech can have in the classroom. From streamlining transitions to fostering focused learning environments and promoting efficient communication, these tools have become integral components of her teaching repertoire. 

As she navigates the challenges of a digital age, Shemeaka continues to inspire her students and fellow educators with her innovative and tech-infused teaching methods.