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September 10, 20193 min read

The Timeliness of 13 Reasons Why with Suicide Prevention Month

***May contain mild thematic spoilers about the television show 13 Reasons Why***

September 4, 20191 min read

Extending a Hand This Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide Prevention Month coincides with back-to-school, providing an unsettling reminder of how suicide has become a leading cause of death for ages 10-24...

May 21, 20196 min read

Activities to Integrate Social Emotional Learning into the Classroom

Social emotional activities can help students develop life skills that benefit them inside and outside of school. Checkout these SEL tips for the classroom.

November 1, 20188 min read

Teach the Whole Child: How Innovative Approaches Lead to Incredible Learning

Instructional Technology Specialist Anne Bianchi discusses Chromebook Management Solutions, Technology in the Classroom, and stories about GoGuardian Teacher.

October 17, 20184 min read

Hope for the Future: Insights from the American Association of Suicidology’s Youth Advisory Board

Reflections and insights GoGuardian gleaned from meeting with the American Association of Suicidology’s Youth Advisory Board.

September 20, 20185 min read

Social-Emotional Learning & Upstream Approaches to Suicide Prevention in Schools

Learn how Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is key in suicide prevention efforts in schools and in safeguarding students’ mental health in this white paper.

October 2, 20175 min read

4 Ways to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

As kids are spending more time online than ever before, cyberbullying has become a real threat. Here are techniques educators can use to protect students.

September 15, 20175 min read

GoGuardian & Denton ISD: Opening Doors While Keeping Kids Safe

Dr. Jamie Wilson, Superintendent of Denton ISD, speaks to how GoGuardian technology helped prevent student suicide and keeps students in his district safe.

June 19, 20176 min read

What "13 Reasons Why" Means for America’s Classrooms

13 Reasons Why has attracted criticism for glamorizing self-harm and presenting suicide as revenge-fantasy solution to bullying.

September 10, 20166 min read

Preventing and Understanding Suicide in the Tech Industry

Suicide in the technology industry is a big problem, and growing larger. What can we do to understand the problem and help those in need?

September 10, 20166 min read

Helping a Friend in Need: What I Learned From Four Suicides

A GoGuardian team member shares his deeply personal experience with suicide, and how you can help loved ones and coworkers in times of need.

July 21, 20163 min read

Pokémon Go Safety Tips: Catch a Digital Citizenship Learning Opportunity

A guide to keeping kids safe online and enforcing responsible digital citizenship while using Pókemon Go.

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