May 18, 2020

Meet Jordan Grant, Safety Support Specialist

GoGuardian Team
Jordan Grant headshot next to the words "Safety Support Specialist"

The members of GoGuardian’s Safety Support Team are the human specialists behind Beacon 24/7. They review and escalate alerts that are flagged by our AI as actively planning a suicide, so that school responders can act quickly to get students the support they need. For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’d like to introduce you to some of our Safety Support Specialists. Today, meet Jordan Grant.

What drew you to become a Safety Support Specialist?

I like to think of myself as a purveyor of culture. My experience in Trust and Safety as a Content Quality Specialist at TikTok provided me concentrated exposure in identifying and flagging harmful content, while also keeping me up to date with all things “trendy” (especially trends concerning minors). With that being said, I wanted to take my skill set and apply it in a more impactful way! GoGuardian provided me an opportunity to do so, being able to review and escalate harmful content to the proper authorities.

Why are trust and safety staff important in today’s digital world?

Trust and Safety is critically important in any company simply because in today’s digital world, it isn't enough to have a good product. Consumers want to also feel protected.

How do you balance your own self-care while handling serious matters that come with the job?

One of the most important aspects of this position in my opinion is being able to have a good work/life balance. I wouldn't be able to handle such serious matters if I didn’t have a clear mind when reviewing alerts. Two of my favorite self-care activities are listening to scores from some of my favorite movies and creating motion graphics, both of which I find very therapeutic.

What impact does your role have on the GoGuardian community?

The Safety Support Specialist role is an integral part of the GoGuardian community. As a company dealing in Education Technology, one of our main offers is being able to provide a safe and productive learning environment. GoGuardian Beacon 24/7 is a new venture where trained specialists are able to monitor student activities and raise concern to appropriate channels when needed. This is very important in today's world as we see a spike in mental health issues, especially in youth.