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May 27, 2021

How to Use GoGuardian Teacher for In-Person Instruction

GoGuardian Team

Though GoGuardian has been crucial for many schools and districts during distance learning, GoGuardian Teacher™ actually began as a tool for teachers to use in the physical classroom. As classes transition back to in-person learning in the next few months, we want to provide a refresher for users and an introduction to those who are new to the product.

Let’s look at several ways GoGuardian Teacher helps teachers connect with students and keep them focused, while saving instructional time in the physical classroom. You’ll also see why nine out of 10 Curriculum and Instructional Specialists who use GoGuardian believe our products help enable a positive and productive teacher-student relationship.*

Teacher using GoGuardian Teacher
GoGuardian Teacher helps teachers connect with students and keep them focused.

Keep students focused

Even when students are in the physical classroom, it can still be challenging to know what they are doing on their devices and whether they are engaged in the lesson, off-task, or need help. GoGuardian Teacher provides you with a view into student online activity and tools that help you identify and correct off-task behavior so you can eliminate distractions and keep students focused.

Screens view – With real-time views into student online activity, including which tabs they have open, you can see which students are off-task or need help.

Off-Task alerts – AI helps detect when students go off-task relative to the classroom subject and alerts you with a visual cue, helping you better identify off-task behavior and quickly redirect students back to the assignment.

Commands – Teacher commands enable you to remotely close tabs or limit the number of tabs students have open, so you can eliminate distractions and keep students focused on the lesson material.

Screen sharing – With the ability to share your screen with students’ devices and the option to lock their devices to the presentation, you can prevent them from browsing the web and ensure the class synchronously follows along with the lesson.

Connect with students

Teachers love being able to videoconference or call their students through GoGuardian while teaching remotely, but many also use GoGuardian Teacher in-person to guide students and deliver instruction so they can better connect with students.

Deliver instruction without disruption

Chat – While some students are comfortable raising their hand to speak in front of the class, others are shy about speaking up. GoGuardian Teacher users see increased participation among shy students when using the Chat feature. With Chat, you can speak with students privately to answer questions, offer guidance, or redirect their attention.

Announcements – The Announcement feature makes it easy to deliver instruction to the whole class. This is a great way to ask students to turn their eyes up front or remind them of the time left to do the assignment, without disrupting any quiet focus time.

Spend less time monitoring, and more time engaging

Scenes – By setting browsing rules for students and choosing which websites are allowed or blocked during your classroom session, you can feel confident students are staying on-task. With Scenes, you’ll spend less time monitoring your screens and more time teaching and interacting with students face-to-face.

Reporting – Detailed reports on student browsing history free up more class time for teaching and interacting with students. After class, you can view the reports to check for engagement and whether students were practicing good digital citizenship.

A teacher checks detailed browsing history.
Detailed reports on student browsing history free up more class time.

Save instructional time

We know how precious your time, and that’s why GoGuardian Teacher is specifically designed to cut down on transition time and help maximize instructional time in the classroom. Teachers who use GoGuardian Teacher in the classroom say it saves them over seven minutes on average PER class period. By getting this time back, you’ll be able to redirect some of your focus on meeting your students’ learning needs.

Open Tab – Start class with a set of auto-open tabs for students, or remotely open tabs on student devices as needed, to cut down on transition time and get your whole class on the same page quickly. You can even sync Google Classroom resources to seamlessly distribute Classwork from within GoGuardian Teacher.

Student groups – Using the student grouping feature in GoGuardian Teacher, you’ll be able to organize how students are displayed so you can better focus on the students who need more guidance. You can also differentiate your instruction to student groups for better efficiency.

Integrations – Integrations like Google Classroom, Clever, and ClassLink allow you to use your existing rosters to simplify classroom setup and roster maintenance, so you can get up and running quickly and see value from day one.

Email reports – Email individual student reports to easily keep parents and administrators better informed about students’ attendance and engagement with just the click of a button.

On average, each teacher who uses GoGuardian Teacher’s Open Tab feature saves 24 hours of instructional time** in a school year.

Students can still benefit from face-to-face interactions while diving into 21st century learning, and teachers can harness these tools to make teaching and classroom management easier and more efficient.

*Nine out of 10 Teachers who use GoGuardian products believe it improves student focus and attention. The same number of teachers who use GoGuardian products believe it helps enable them to respond to individual student needs. This is an aggregate of respondents who indicated they “Somewhat Agree” or “Strongly Agree” to the statement based on a customer-wide survey.

**Based on internal research.