April 15, 2020

GoGuardian Product Updates for Remote Learning

GoGuardian Team
2020 Product Updates for 2020 Learning

School may be out until summer, but the learning continues for most students, and the teaching continues for educators. Because learning looks completely different than it did two months ago, staying connected to students is more challenging than ever before.

We know that as educators, you’re busier than ever facilitating remote learning for your school community. In order to support you, we are rapidly adjusting and delivering product updates that make it easier to engage with students to facilitate remote learning. Here are the ways we are helping:

  • We’re offering free, full-functional access to GoGuardian’s entire suite of tools through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. If you’re a current customer, you can receive free access to additional GoGuardian tools, or expand your current license count as needed. If you’re not a current customer, you can sign up for the free offer here.
  • We are rapidly adjusting and delivering product updates that can help with your remote learning programs. Many of you asked for improvements for communication tools between teachers and students, and our product team delivered!
  • We’ve put together a distance learning hub and a resource library with helpful articles, stories from other educators, recommendations for EdTech solutions that can support your distance learning program, and more.

Read below to learn how GoGuardian’s EdTech solutions can help you with your remote learning programs.

GoGuardian Teacher™: More teaching, less managing

Eliminate distractions, connect with students, and save time with K-12’s leading classroom management software. Distance learning has created a situation in which teachers rely on technology for teaching. When you can’t be in the same physical room, a virtual classroom ensures that the learning doesn’t stop. Whether your students are learning synchronously or asynchronously, GoGuardian Teacher can help you stay connected and provide instruction remotely through two-way chats, pushing tabs, and more.

What’s new?

To help support your remote learning programs, GoGuardian Teacher’s latest updates include:

  • A new Off-Task Alerts feature that can automatically detect when a student goes off-task, relative to the classroom subject. Educators use GoGuardian Teacher to help keep their students on-task, and the new Off-Task Alerts feature will enhance that function even more by identifying off-task behavior.
  • Major Chat updates, like audio notifications, chat archive, offline messaging, and more, to help teachers be better connected to their students. The Chat feature has seen an uptick in use since schools went remote, and in response to the evolving needs of our users, we have added additional functionalities to help teachers communicate with their students. Click here to read in detail about the updates to Chat.

Coming soon!

We want to help teachers replicate the feeling of teaching at the front of a class during their remote sessions, so we’re building a Present to Class feature, which would allow teachers to:

  • Share their screen with students
  • Enable their video camera and/or audio

Soon, teachers will be able to share their screen with the class, with the option to lock students to view only the teacher’s screen or allow students to use other tabs while the teacher is presenting. Teachers can also enable their audio and/or video, so they can review a lesson in tandem with the entire class in a synchronous lesson.

GoGuardian Admin™: The most complete K-12 web filter

Filter and protect every user remotely on any device, browser, or operating system, all from a single unified interface. Now that learning environments have gone fully remote, administrators need the ability to manage and filter from afar. GoGuardian Admin can help you set up filtering policies while students use school-issued devices at home so that your in-school filtering policies are upheld and expanded to accommodate the new virtual campus.

What’s new?

To help support your transition to remote learning environments, GoGuardian Admin’s at-home web filtering enables you to:

  • Manage ALL of your school-issued devices. GoGuardian Admin is now device-agnostic, so if you have sent students home with devices that are not Chrome or Windows during school closures, you can ensure your school policies are still being enforced on these devices too.
  • View live feeds of data with our Activity data metrics on videos, searches, docs, apps, and extensions to gain insight into what students are looking at and searching for in real-time. Easily edit OU policies directly from the feed, saving you time.
  • Get on-demand student data with our new GoGuardian Parent App, giving parents and guardians direct access to their child’s device activity via an easy-to-use mobile app.

Coming Soon!

School and district administrators will soon be able to identify those students who are most at risk of suicide with Beacon Starter, a suicide prevention tool built specifically for schools.

GoGuardian Fleet™: Mission Control for your Chromebooks

Easily deploy, maintain, and track your entire fleet of Chromebooks during remote learning. With student devices being off-campus for the remainder of the year, the need to track and manage devices is more important than ever. GoGuardian Fleet can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that all of your hardware is being accounted for while they are deployed to students’ homes.

What’s New?

To provide you with knowledge of your device deployment while your students are learning from a distance, GoGuardian Fleet enables you to:

  • Know exactly where your inventory is at all times, including repairs, with accurate and hassle-free device management.
  • Keep your remote school-issued devices seamlessly up to date with nightly Google Admin Console syncs.
  • Save valuable time with our efficient and streamlined quick assign/unassign deployment process.

Need more help with remote learning? Visit GoGuardian's Distance Learning hub for resources to support your schools during closures.