September 2, 2016

GoGuardian now offers professional training for GoGuardian Teacher!

GoGuardian Team
Illustration of teachers growing through professional learning in the classroom

Earlier this morning, we launched something brand new for GoGuardian: FREE Teacher Training! Requested by many of our teachers and admins, GoGuardian Teacher was designed, built, and directed by GoGuardian staff to teach both admins and teachers everything they need to know to be successful with GoGuardian. With quizzes written by a credentialed teacher, we're confident that Teacher Training will give you all of the tools you need for success, whether it's your very first day using GoGuardian Teacher™ in the classroom or you just want to see what's new.

How long does the course take?

We know that admins and teachers are busy, especially at this time of year. We designed Teacher Training to be both fast and comprehensive, and the entire course, including quizzes, usually takes less than an hour. Teacher Training is also modular and can be completed in one sitting, or broken up into convenient, five-minute lessons. Once you've completed Teacher Training, we'll send you a certificate that demonstrates your expertise with GoGuardian Teacher in the classroom.

How do I start the Teacher Training course?

It's easy! Click here to begin: Getting Started with GoGuardian Teacher.