May 26, 2023

GoGuardian Affirms Commitment to DEI Through CEO Action Pledge

GoGuardian Team
Headshots of Advait Shinde CEO of GoGuardian, and Dionna Smith, GoGuardian's Chief Diversity Officer

As a recognized signatory of the CEO Action Pledge, GoGuardian is affirming its dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives within our company and beyond. From the products we build to the people who make up our incredibly diverse team, we aim to create and maintain a culture where all employees feel included, enabled, and empowered to develop and support products that keep every student safer, improve learning outcomes, and contribute to equity in education.

When asked about the significance of GoGuardian's products reflecting an understanding of the importance of diversity, Dionna Smith, Chief Diversity Officer, answered:

“Signing the CEO Action pledge is a powerful statement of our commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment, not just within our company, but also in the broader educational community we serve. By endorsing this pledge, we demonstrate our dedication to advancing DEI principles in every aspect of our work. We recognize diversity fuels innovation, enhances decision-making, and drives organizational success. With our products, we aim to empower educators and students from all backgrounds to thrive and succeed. By embracing DEI, we can create educational technology that is accessible, culturally responsive, and supportive of every learner's unique needs. It is not only the right thing to do, but also essential for building a more just and inclusive society.”

Advait Shinde, CEO of GoGuardian, added, "Emphasizing the role of technology to drive equitable outcomes in classrooms is at the heart of GoGuardian's mission and our commitment to the students and schools we serve. As we continue to harness the power of innovation and collaboration, we fuel our growth and expand our reach. By leveraging our technological capabilities, we strive to level the educational playing field, empowering all students to reach their maximum potential. Together, we are crafting a future that champions equal opportunity and cultivates a brighter, more inclusive educational landscape for all."

GoGuardian’s three DEI pillars, People & Culture, Product Inclusion, and Equitable Impact, guide and inspire the work we do every day. Signing the CEO Action Pledge is a pivotal moment in solidifying this commitment, according to Cleontá Jackson, Manager, DEI.

“By signing the pledge, we are saying GoGuardian is invested in DEI, and is doing the work to build a solid foundation that starts with leadership and ensures DEI is embedded in all that we do. The way we ‘walk the talk’ is by setting specific goals, identifying areas for improvement, taking action and regularly reporting on the progress to hold ourselves accountable, and making adjustments to strategies as needed,” she explained.

Not just pledging acting

The GoGuardian team doesn’t just say it will commit to DEI — it takes action. Both internally and externally, the company is intentionally creating an inclusive and diverse team that benefits not only the departments within, but the customers they serve as well.

“As a new part of the GoGuardian organization this year, the DEI team is focused on gathering data, understanding our baseline, and building a solid foundation,” Jackson said. 

Working closely with different departments to understand needs; reviewing policies and practices to ensure they promote workplace diversity and inclusion; working with recruiting to develop processes that diversify hiring and training; and standing up a DEI learning strategy that teaches the fundamentals, provides physiological safety to learn, and tools to implement change are just a few internal ways GoGuardian is making changes for the better.

“Adding a diversity lens to everything we do will give us diverse talent, which in turn creates diverse products that serve diverse students. It’s a simple recipe for success,” she concluded.

GoGuardian is also excited to kick off several initiatives tied to the CEO Pledge, including:


  • Courageous conversations - DEI experts and others speak quarterly and discuss their lived experiences with employees. 
  • Revamped Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) - The program has been relaunched with clearer objectives, goals, and solid DEI department programming support. 
  • Inclusive Leadership Training - LinkedIn learning will be utilized as a base for fundamental knowledge, DEI learning platform, and cohorts to reflect on the experience and best practices moving forward.


  • Equity research & development partnerships and programing focused on students from marginalized backgrounds and underfunded schools
  • Diversity supplier program 
  • Product inclusion and co-creation opportunities

For more on what GoGuardian is doing to enhance DEI, be sure to read this piece on the steps we are taking to ensure equity in edtech.