February 10, 2020

GoGuardian Admin Wins Best Of Show at TCEA 2020

GoGuardian Team
Tech and Learning Winner award

Last week was incredibly exciting as we welcomed new and friendly faces into the GoGuardian circle at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) annual conference in Austin, TX. From great conversations to product demos to seeing old friends, TCEA was a great corralling of like-minded educators and technologists. Another highlight was the award that GoGuardian Admin received from Tech & Learning as a Tech & Learning TCEA Best Of Show 2020 honoree, putting us in good company with other technology tools. Admin was selected based on the quality, effectiveness, ease of use, cost, and creative use of technology. We’re thrilled to be honored with the accolade of our continued advancement of tools like Admin, which helps keep students safe on any device, any browser, or any OS from a single unified interface.

Already trusted by over 10,000 schools, GoGuardian Admin provides full flexibility for schools’ technology policies while drastically reducing time spent on configuration and maintenance. The newest version of GoGuardian Admin released in January has been designed to solve schools’ complex needs by providing a multi-layered content filtering solution and seamless installation with a unified interface that cuts down critical management time and cost. To learn more, visit: