January 9, 2020

Big Updates for Admin and Beacon in 2020

GoGuardian Team
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Welcome to 2020! It wouldn’t be a new year and decade without big news from GoGuardian.

GoGuardian Beacon™ is expanding with Beacon 24/7 and Beacon Starter!

We dedicated last year to making Beacon—the suicide and self-harm prevention tool designed specifically for K-12 schools—a technology solution that helps support all school communities in their efforts to address student suicide and self-harm. This year Beacon is expanding to include three service plans, one of which will be provided complimentary to Admin customers.

Beacon Starter, included with the Admin product, identifies students in active planning phases. Beacon Core matches our current Beacon offering with automated alerts for multiple self-harm and suicide phases. Beacon 24/7 offers round-the-clock human escalation for active planning alerts from our new safety support team. The upgrades to Beacon are part of our commitment to meaningfully address the U.S.’s public health suicide crisis, which has become the second-leading cause of death for those aged 10-24. Beacon serves as one data point of a school’s overall suicide prevention program.

Beacon 24/7  

Beacon helps schools identify students who are silently suffering, alert those who can help, and quickly activate your school's custom response plan. Our newest plan, Beacon 24/7, will also provide schools with U.S.-based safety specialists who have been trained to review and escalate your most urgent suicide alerts. The team of experts will identify, flag, and immediately escalate the alert when necessary.

The alerts and their corresponding escalations can be customized for a school or district based on its unique environment and suicide and self-harm prevention response plans. With Beacon 24/7, school responders can now rest easier knowing that our specialists are working around the clock to escalate alerts by email or phone for the most serious incidents.

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Beacon Core

Beacon Core provides actionable insights for schools who prefer alerts for multiple identified stages of suicide and self-harm intent, such as research, ideation, and active planning. Beacon Core also provides additional contextual information that can help the school responders initiate a more productive conversation with the student and conduct early interventions for those in need.

This plan helps schools proactively discover students who are at risk of suicide and self-harm by monitoring browser content in the same way that Beacon Starter does, while also delivering multiple categories of suicide and self-harm warning signs. Automated email or text message escalations then alert the right responders, including counselors, mental health professionals, school professionals, and even parents.

Beacon Starter: Soon to be included with GoGuardian Admin

GoGuardian Admin customers will soon have the ability to start identifying students who are most at risk of suicide. Beacon Starter uses advanced machine learning to monitor content on school-issued devices, and it provides schools with alerts of the most serious stage of suicide intent: active planning. Beacon Starter is included with GoGuardian Admin at no additional cost.

Once online suicide planning activity is detected, Beacon Starter notifies the school admins so that they can quickly intervene and provide support. We’re offering this service complimentary to Admin customers so that all schools have access to Beacon, regardless of size, location, and resource constraints.

Click here to learn more about GoGuardian Beacon and find a plan that works for your school.

GoGuardian Admin™ is getting major upgrades!

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At GoGuardian, we built our reputation on providing great content filtering and reporting on Chromebooks. Now you can get that same experience on any device, any browser, and any operating system. In fact, any combination of school-issued devices, guest networks, and labs can be managed from our single unified Admin interface.

Click here to learn how to expand GoGuardian Admin to all of your school’s devices.

As always, thanks for letting us be a part of your classroom!