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GoGuardian empowers K-12 leaders with effective tools to create safe and engaging learning for every student. From digital guardrails to student safety support, we’ll help you lay the foundation for learning to thrive.

Your all-inclusive solution for effective learning

Unify filtering, classroom engagement, and mental health tools into a single suite. GoGuardian helps you maximize the potential of your 1:1 tech program.

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Customized learning environments for digital exploration

Guide student exploration and focus

  • Leverage real-time views into student activity.
  • Implement guardrails by blocking or allowing specific websites.

Support meaningful student-teacher relationships

  • Get insight into which students need additional connection or direction.
  • Communicate with students using 1:1 chat.

Streamline workflows

  • Automate classroom setup and scheduling.
  • Cut transitions using instructional integrations.

GoGuardian Teacher's Impact in the Classroom

One Week Saved

On average, teachers who use GoGuardian Teacher's Open Tab feature save almost a week of instructional time* in a school year.


When surveyed, 97.1% of educators agreed that GoGuardian Teacher enables teachers to uphold consistent classroom management practices.


89% of those survey respondents also said they are satisfied with GoGuardian Teacher.

*GoGuardian Suite Survey: Results from a 2023 survey of South Carolina Innovation Grant pilot schools. Design and analysis conducted by LearnPlatform by Instructure.

The most complete K-12 web filter

Create safe and effective learning environments

  • Customize browsing policies to eliminate distractions and encourage digital citizenship.
  • Filter both on- and off-campus during specified times of day.

Simplify complex operations

  • Combine student safety reporting, device management, and web filtering in one interface.
  • Filter a variety of devices and operating systems with a single solution.

Minimize risk

  • Easily assign administrative control to those who need it.
  • Configure devices to required standards to minimize data breaches or exposure to threats.

GoGuardian Admin's Impact on K-12 Technology


When surveyed, 84% of GoGuardian Admin users reported they were satisfied* with the product.


86% of respondents agreed* that when using GoGuardian Suite products, their school could better monitor content, policies, and communications with students using school-issued devices.


84% of respondents agreed* that their school effectively implemented online content filters that restricted students’ access to harmful content

*GoGuardian Suite Survey: Results from a 2023 survey of South Carolina Innovation Grant pilot schools. Design and analysis conducted by LearnPlatform by Instructure.

When it comes to student mental health, every second counts

Proactively identify activity to empower early action

  • Receive notifications when student activity indicates a risk of self-harm, suicide, or possible harm to others.
  • Identify warning signs across search engines, web apps, and more.

Notify the right responders at the right time

  • Get timely alerts with critical contextual information so staff can easily assess risk levels and take action.
  • Customize escalation lists by contact and notification type to allow staff to focus on students who need it most.

Intervene early and save lives

  • Assess the status of alert interactions with actionable data for faster response plans and meaningful interventions.
  • Additional support available: Receive phone calls from U.S.-based safety specialists for active planning alerts, 24 hours a day, with Beacon 24/7.

GoGuardian Beacon's Impact in the Classroom


With Beacon 24/7 it takes a Safety Support Specialist an average of less than 3 ½ minutes to receive, review, and engage with a district’s hand-picked escalation list in response to an active planning alert.


80% of users in a third-party survey agreed* that their school referred students to qualified intervention specialists in a timely manner (when using GoGuardian Suite products).


77% of users in a third-party survey agreed* that their school detected early warning signs of students at risk of harm based on unsafe online behavior (when using GoGuardian Suite products).

*GoGuardian Suite Survey: Results from a 2023 survey of South Carolina Innovation Grant pilot schools. Design and analysis conducted by LearnPlatform by Instructure.

Rooted in science,
driven by innovation.

We're studying the impact of digital learning on student outcomes — our research is focused on understanding how we can improve digital learning to help every student thrive.

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Privacy minded,
student focused.

We take pride in being recognized leaders in student privacy protection. We have publicly committed to the updated Student Privacy Pledge 2020 and are independently certified by iKeepSafe as FERPA compliant.

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The internet is a vast and varied place. With GoGuardian, it becomes an incredible place to learn.

Sunnyside School District

(Sunnyside, WA)

Receiving information about potential student self-harm or harm to others is critically important to create a safer, more healthy, and secure school environment

Morris School District Case Study

(Morristown, NJ)

There’s not a world where you can just teach the same lesson to everybody. Kids are more receptive to what interests them, so GoGuardian gives teachers the chance to plan for every student.

Lee County Schools

(Lee County, North Carolina)
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