A tailored solution for online classrooms

While students continue to learn remotely and teachers continue to teach online, a one-size-fits-all approach to education simply doesn’t work. You’re already working hard to deliver instruction and keep students engaged in their learning while trying to maintain connections virtually. Today, you need online learning platforms that are tailored to your specific needs as you teach your classroom online.

GoGuardian Teacher™ empowers online teachers to lead more effectively in your student community and strengthen your relationships with students, wherever they learn.

Connect with all students in online learning platforms.

Virtual teaching has put equity at the forefront of educators’ concerns. Communicate at any internet connection level, focus on students that need the most attention, and give 1:1 direct feedback to students using GoGuardian’s communication tools for teaching online.

Integrate. Simplify. Automate.

In-class and online teachers don’t have time to learn and adapt new solutions to virtual classroom platforms, but GoGuardian utilizes integrations to import existing Google Classroom rosters and simplify virtual teaching setup, while automatically keeping them up to date.

Save time with seamless integration and an intuitive interface that helps you get your virtual classroom platforms set up quickly and supports your existing workflows.

Online classroom software for integrated classroom management

In class. At Home. Together.

With some or all students learning from home, it’s important to bridge the gap between the in-person and virtual classroom. Online teachers can view student screens, close or push tabs, lock screens, make video and audio calls, and chat 1:1 with students in GoGuardian Teacher.

Deliver the same lesson to all students together while apart, and help keep all your students engaged and on the same page—regardless of whether they are learning in virtual classroom platforms or in the physical classroom.

How to teach online with GoGuardian Teacher

Create compelling and safe learning environments that enable you to guide students online without limiting their potential.

  • Keep students focused

    Identify students who need help through real-time views into student online activity.

  • Get students on-task

    Close tabs or lock screens to correct off-task behaviors as you teach online.

  • Video Conferencing

    Connect with your classroom online using digital communication tools, such as text, audio, and video chat.

  • Track remote attendance

    Access student attendance and engagement data with tracking tools and reports for online distance learning.

  • Get students on the same page

    Push out tabs to students to get them on-task and on the right webpage.

  • Save time with Scenes

    Recover instructional time with tools that help get a class started faster for both in-person and online teachers.

  • Multi-OS support

    Keep students on-task on Chromebooks and Windows devices.

  • Off-task alerts

    Receive an automatic alert in your classroom software when a student goes off-task.

  • Snapshots

    Screenshot student screens to document off-task behavior.

  • Screen sharing

    Share your screen, with the option to enable audio and/or video to walk students through a lesson.

  • Lesson recording

    Record your one-on-one calls, group calls, or screen-sharing presentations to distribute later.

  • Monitor present and past activity

    Keep an eye on active tabs or review past classroom sessions with Activity Timelines.

See it in action

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