Intuitive instructional experiences for every classroom.

Engage students, manage your classroom, gather insights, and adapt instruction to create more powerful learning moments for every student, every day.

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Pear Deck

Founded by educators, Pear Deck helps teachers engage students in proven instructional strategies — whether in person or from afar — using tools you know and love, like Google Slides and PowerPoint Online.

GoGuardian Teacher

Maximize learning with K-12's leading classroom management solution. GoGuardian Teacher provides a view into student online activity, control over devices, and a variety of ways to deliver instruction. It is easy to use and supports different learning environments, so teachers can connect with students and keep them focused, wherever they learn.

Connect with and engage students

Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to create engaging lessons with real-time formative assessment tools. Paired with GoGuardian Teacher’s video conferencing solution and capabilities to deliver instruction, teachers can connect with and engage every student, every day, from anywhere!

Manage your classroom and gather insights

GoGuardian Teacher provides real-time views into student online activity and classroom management controls to keep students focused. With Pear Deck, teachers can quickly adjust the pace of a lesson based on real-time insights into student understanding — no need to wait until tomorrow to provide the support students need today.

Adapt instruction for all learners

Pear Deck enables teachers to provide instant feedback and share Student Takeaways for further learning, while GoGuardian Teacher’s grouping and communication tools support more personalized instruction. Pear Deck and GoGuardian’s complementary tools help teachers provide equitable learning experiences that give each student a voice.

Using GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Deck

Know how students are feeling

Use an SEL check to gauge your students’ emotional well-being. You can follow up with positive feedback in real-time, or even chat or call the student after the lesson as needed.

Save transition time

Start class quickly by remotely opening a tab on student devices, taking them directly to your interactive lesson!

Keep students engaged

You see that a student did not answer your last interactive question, so you view their screen to learn more, close tabs of distracting content, and guide them back to the lesson.

Personalize instruction

Follow up a mid-class check for understanding by instantly launching a video call to provide additional guidance or remediation to groups of struggling students.

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