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The Suite

Unify your filtering, classroom management, device management, and school mental health tools into a single suite. Our Suite bundles all of our products to support a simplified digital teaching environment for in-class and remote learning.

Google and Microsoft partners
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Included in the Suite

Everything you need for remote and hybrid learning situations to keep your students engaged and connected from anywhere.

Teach face-to-face with video conferencing

Deliver instruction, keep students on-task,
and stay connected to students wherever they learn.

Your 1:1, in a single pane of glass

Access all of your filtering, classroom management, student safety, and device inventory needs from one location. GoGuardian allows you to configure and manage your products, users, and devices all from one dashboard. Easily share data, and report on trends and usage at all levels of your organization.

One contract, one invoice, one vendor

Save time and paperwork with one contract, one invoice, and one supplier. GoGuardian Suite minimizes software and data compatibility issues and saves costs by providing access to everything your district needs from one vendor.

Success from day one

Get up and running quickly with an implementation team dedicated to configuring the GoGuardian Suite to match your school or district's objectives. From onboarding and online training to professional development and world-class support, we’ll be there every step of the way on your 1:1 journey.

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  1. GoGuardian Beacon serves as one data point of a school's overall suicide prevention program.