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Case Study

Fort Sam Houston ISD

U.S. Army post—San Antonio, Texas







After going 1:1 with Chromebooks, Fort Sam Houston Independent School District (ISD) needed a software tool to help them manage device usage, and direct students’ attention to the right content online. Through implementing GoGuardian, Fort Sam Houston educators were able to oversee lessons and resources on students’ screens, direct students to relevant tabs, and close off-topic tabs on multiple devices with the click of a mouse.

Students started to learn the value of digital citizenship, their online habits changed, and academic performance improved. Best of all, students could collaborate and learn in unprecedented ways. “When you’re going 1:1, the focus has to be on the kids,” shares Fort Sam Houston’s Director of Technology, Dr. Roland Rios. With GoGuardian, Fort Sam Houston School District found a filtering and classroom management solution that truly focused on the students.

  1. GoGuardian Beacon serves as one data point of a school's overall suicide prevention program.