Smart Filtering is up to 100x more effective than traditional URL filters1

Smart Filtering helps you create safe and effective learning environments. At GoGuardian we're passionate about keeping students safe and on task. Our award-winning team of engineers and data scientists have built the next-generation of filtering, and the results are astounding. Only GoGuardian technology can help determine the meaning and intent of student browsing activity, making more effective decisions about what to allow, block, or notify.2

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Continuously scans the browser

Other filters only see encrypted content or scan for keywords once. Smart Filtering continuously filters actual content within the document object model (DOM) on the millisecond level.

Scales with the internet

The internet contains over 3 billion websites, adding 500 new ones every minute3. Smart Filtering gets stronger where URL filters can't keep up.

Reads beyond the domain

Nearly 20% of explicit browsing occurs within educational sites your teachers rely on like Google Docs.4 Smart Filtering reads more than the URL.

Beyond URLs and Keywords

Unlike other solutions, Smart Filtering™ uses GoGuardian's proprietary neural network to continuously understand context within the browser. GoGuardian gives admins full control over what we callSmart Rules, or customizable actions and insights.


Always improving from community input and new websites.


Full control for different content types at school and at home, all at the Org Unit level.

Smart Filtering continuously scans for explicit, guns, proxies, and more

Beta available now in GoGuardian Admin!