Image - GoGuardian Smart Alert feature animation

Instead of using simple word matching, our Smart Alerts algorithm uses context to understand the content of the page. This drastically reduces false positives by 100x meaning less work for you and more accurate alerts.

Image - GoGuardian Smart Alert feature animation

Finally, a filter that learns

Instead of a cumbersome list of blocked URLS, Smart Alerts uses context to categorize web pages. The Smart Alerts algorithm uses machine learning and gets smarter over time allowing schools to keep the internet as open as possible, but as safe as needed.

Image - GoGuardian Smart Alert feature animation

Triggered responses

Smart Alerts enables you to assign officials to take appropriate action based on student behavior. You can also setup triggers to automatically block pages or notify students with a personal message.

Sometimes kids need help asking for help.

Visit our Self-Harm & Suicide Resource Center to access valuable information from our advisory and content partners about what you can do to help prevent teen suicide in your school.

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