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May 4, 2023 8:00 AM

Edulastic Data Studio Gives Educators an Accessible View of Learning to Shape Data-Driven Strategies for Student Success

Edulastic expands its offering with Data Studio, providing education leaders with a centralized hub to report and analyze whole learner data

LOS ANGELES – May 4, 2023 – GoGuardian, the leading digital learning company offering proven solutions to create effective, engaging, and safer learning environments, today announced new capabilities within Edulastic Data Studio, a premium add-on for Edulastic’s next-generation online assessment platform. Data Studio provides a holistic, easy-to-read visual dashboard of student metrics — including attendance, assessment data (including non-Edulastic), and more — to help support educators and shape data-driven strategies to improve student learning. New features combine data to provide reports on overall performance trends, and enable goal setting and early warning, all in one central location.

Since 2014, Edulastic has provided K-12 teachers, administrators, and school districts with standards-aligned, comprehensive, technology-enhanced formative assessment tools and content, as well as instant classroom data that helps teachers tailor lessons and identify misconceptions and areas for growth. Edulastic’s newest features provide an even more complete, accessible picture of performance trends, student mastery, and academic risk levels, a task which has proven to be a significant challenge for educators. This capability is essential as teachers and districts work to recover from pandemic-related unfinished learning, aggregate large data, and personalize charts and graphs to enable Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). 

Districts can easily use Edulastic Data Studio to align and measure their MTSS, drilling down from district-wide analytics to individual students' data. Educators can apply filters to visualize data by student subgroups, and support strategic decisions to apply interventions and measure progress at various levels. 

"Edulastic Data Studio was built to support teachers through an accessible, visual-first solution to layering and filtering data from both academic and non-academic sources,” said Sharad Gupta, Chief Product Officer at GoGuardian. “Teachers and administrators can now view the information they need in one central location, giving them the resources necessary to make impactful, data-driven decisions in their classrooms with the shared goal of improving student learning outcomes in an equitable way. These powerful new features will inform MTSS planning at the district, school, and student level.” 

Schools have long used a variety of tools to measure student progress, but it has traditionally been a time-consuming and expensive task to combine and view cohesive data, or move between various systems. Teachers and administrators need to see their student data in a way that enables them to proactively view macro achievement trends at a district-level while still supporting teachers directly, to understand how various assessment components are leading to student achievement. With Edulastic Data Studio, schools save countless hours pulling data and building ad-hoc reports, instead spending that time filtering data, determining personalized charts and benchmarks, and determining their schools’ goals. 

Data Studio enables schools to set and measure their academic and non-academic benchmarks, view patterns, and perform exploratory analysis across a variety of assessment sources, including iReady, NWEA MAP, and others. Data Studio presents this data, alongside school-provided data sets, at a district level, across multiple schools, or at an individual school level, with interactive charts and graphs customized to a district’s performance bands. 

The newest reports available in Data Studio are the Early Warning Report and the Goals and Interventions work flows. Both reports enable schools to be proactive in determining need for intervention, and measure changes in student performance on a given assessment through custom thresholds and timelines for achievement. These new capabilities are in addition to the many other reports available in Edulastic, including the Multiple Assessment Report, which analyzes changes in scores and student movement across performance bands, and the Performance by Rubric Report, which allows educators to view trends and adapt instruction based on rubric results. 

The Early Warning Report is one aspect of Edulastic’s Whole Learner Report, which layers attendance data on top of academic data in a central location, enabling teachers to visualize trends, identify important patterns, and plan valuable interventions that move student progress forward. This report allows districts to define risk level bands based on attendance, performance, and non-academic data, helping schools identify concerns in these areas, and filter data by classroom, school, teacher, grade, and more. 

The Goals and Interventions capabilities allow schools to define both academic and non-academic targets and goals, view achievement trends over time, and automatically combine formative and common assessment. These capabilities improve teacher and administrative data use and provide the layering, filtering, and combinations needed to view trends more holistically, and ultimately improve outcomes through data-driven intervention. 

“Edulastic Data Studio helps educators see large trends that enable them to adjust scope and sequence, evaluate curricular efficacy, and determine their own focus areas for professional development,” said Ryan Hetchler, a Curriculum & Instruction expert at GoGuardian and former teacher and Chief Academic Officer. “At the same time, Data Studio analyzes student data insights and identifies students in need of important interventions — all in a clear, easy-to-use dashboard.”

Edulastic Data Studio is sold as a separate add-on for Edulastic or GoGuardian customers, and can also be purchased on its own. To learn more, visit

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