Image - GoGuardian Policies feature animation

Enhanced device reports

See the full picture with enhanced device reports showing serial number, make and model, and user information. Get more context on the missing device or recent users with location history and screenshots all easily accessible from the device report.

Image - GoGuardian Policies feature animation

Redesigned dashboard

Get an overview of which missing devices have come online and are trackable with our new color-coded dashboard. Easily label recovered or unrecoverable devices and jump straight to the device profile in GoGuardian Fleet with a single click.

Image - GoGuardian Policies feature animation

Centralized management of missing devices

Instead of a cumbersome list of blocked URLS, Smart Alerts uses context to categorize web pages. The Smart Alerts algorithm uses machine learning and gets smarter over time allowing schools to keep the internet as open as possible, but as safe as needed.

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