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Conversations About:
Mental Health and Wellness

Content Warning

Thank you for joining us for Conversations About: Mental Health and Wellness. Please note that the sessions will discuss sensitive topics including suicide, self-harm, and discrimination.

Dr. Jonathan Singer

Opening Keynote


Dr. Jonathan Singer
President, The American Association of Suicidology

Twenty years of research has found that while most teachers say they have a role to play in suicide prevention, only 9% report feeling confident that they know how to recognize and respond to suicidal students. Today's talk will review suicide warning signs and tips for online settings, how self-care is a misnomer and what schools can do to take care of staff, and six things schools need to do to address suicide risk.

Rebekah Kmieciak

Fostering Social Emotional Learning in Any Space


Rebekah Kmieciak
Social-Emotional Behavior Coach

The growing need to cultivate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and practices is evident in school districts across the nation. Learn more about resources and tools that allow for practical application and implementation of SEL in all spaces, virtual or otherwise. Using reflective practices, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how SEL impacts student outcomes and will determine some next steps to ensure sustainability.

GoGuardian Team

Roundtable with the Beacon 24/7 Safety Support Specialist Team


Becky Stoll, Ellen Yan, Julie O’Brien, Michelle Van Der Berg, Ben DiPiero, and Veronica Vega
Beacon 24/7 Safety Support Specialist Team

Join us for a panel discussion with the Beacon Safety Support Specialist team and Becky Stoll, Vice President for Crisis and Disaster Management at Centerstone and a trusted Beacon advisor. You’ll gain insight into our approach to building and training our support staff, and learn more about the round-the-clock work of the SSS team.

Sam Brinton

Closing Keynote


Sam Brinton
Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs, The Trevor Project

As students return to classrooms having survived a global pandemic with the mental health scars to show for it, the classroom will become an even greater point of intervention in mental health crises. But without a process, a plan, or a procedure, many young people won't be able to receive the support they deserve and school staff will not be given the support they too require. Having a suicide prevention, intervention, postvention, and high risk inclusive school process can quite literally save lives. This conversation will be making sure no one has to fight for their right to find the mental health supports we all need.

Stacey Roshan

Making Space for Every Student

Stacey Roshan
Educator, Director of Innovation and EdTech

By intentionally integrating technology into lessons, teachers can give all students in the room an opportunity to share their voice and express their ideas in a format that best fits them. This session will highlight how to leverage Pear Deck to: (1) provide a platform for all students to contribute and feel safe in sharing; (2) encourage peer-to-peer learning; and (3) reflect on prior work using Takeaways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, you can find them here at go.goguardian.com/conversationsabout after the event!

Will I receive CE credit?

All registered attendees will receive a certificate of attendance of the event. Please check with your district’s policies to verify that you are eligible for CE credit.

For any further questions, please contact hello@peardeck.com so we can assist you!

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