Learning Science

A look at the evidence, behavior, and practices that inform the development
of GoGuardian solutions

GoGuardian’s classroom solutions are trusted by school leaders to create educational environments where every student can thrive.

As the world of digital learning evolves, it’s critical that we understand how research-based instructional strategies are supported by digital learning experiences, and how they can be improved to inspire curiosity, build critical thinking, and enhance outcomes for all students.

GoGuardian Teacher

GoGuardian Teacher is designed to support effective teaching strategies for exploration, focus, and connection, making it easier for teachers to follow the best practices that improve learning outcomes for all students.

The logic model below illustrates how GoGuardian Teacher’s features are designed to support the instructional experience and positively impact student academic achievement outcomes.

How to read the logic model:

  • Inputs: The logic model begins by identifying key components of the instructional experience;
  • Activities: Then, the model identifies how those components are supported by GoGuardian Teacher;
  • Evidence: Next, data from current GoGuardian Teacher users identify which features they use most often to support those elements of the instructional experience;
  • Outcomes: And finally, we identify research that demonstrates a positive impact on student outcomes resulting from the key elements of the instructional experience.

Logic Model

GoGuardian Teacher Logic Model

This logic model consolidates findings from:

  • A robust literature review of over 200 academic articles on effective instructional practices for driving academic achievement;
  • An in-house review of how GoGuardian Teacher features are designed to enable these practices;
  • And a nationwide survey on how current educators use GoGuardian Teacher features to support effective instruction.

For more research and perspectives on the issues that impact educators today, visit our Research & Insights Hub.

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