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Donation Date:
June 2022

Ms. Leon

Chicago High School for the Arts

I want my students to engage more in the Spanish classroom by making materials more accessible and relevant to their lives. These literature resources will allow my students to critically engage with the material and comprehension of Spanish culture and overall language.

Through my teaching style of using cultural and antiracist literacy, students are engaging in heavy current political climate and issues, all in the target Spanish language! The more I can engage them in culture, the more they can feel empowered to understand and learn about other Latinx cultures. Being able to have these resources on hand helps me foster a community that is accepting and overall engaging in Spanish knowledge.

It is imperative for our students to make their experience in our classrooms relatable to their own lives and help them make connections to foster more open and caring environments that are different from those within our city limits. By having all of these resources, I believe my students can gain the first steps towards engaging in real-world learning.

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