More Makerspace STEAM Materials Create Joyful Learning

Donation Date:
September 2022

Mrs. Olson

Phoenix, AZ

I am so thankful to have the ability to reach and teach students in grades K-8 on my campus. Students who are identified as gifted or who show great academic potential take part in daily gifted enrichment in grades 1-6. Students in 7-8 take part in quarterly gifted workshops to learn more about their strengths/talents and learn more about the paths they might take in the future.

My SPARK program seeks to take grade level standards to even greater depth and complexity and allows my students to inquire often and bring their own interests and learning back to us all in the form of passion projects.

Thanks to corporate and community family funding partnerships, we've started the year off with a great infusion of materials for STEAM opportunities in my classroom with items that have the potential to be used year after year to have even great impact beyond one year of students. Now I need more materials that my students will use and will thus be consumed in the process of creation. Origami papers, coffee filters, painters tape, neon tapes, sharpie and 3D pens with consumable filament will all be part of our creation station makerspace materials. A few more materials for engineering builds with Strawbees are requested too as coding with those materials is required with their robotics kit. And one more book is requested to encourage students to take an attempt and try, try again as needed.

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