Doodling to Success!

Donation Date:
August 2022

Ms. Yuan

Los Angeles, CA

My students are very creative and enjoy thinking outside of the box. They love incorporating art into our Biology lessons. For example, they enjoy creating colorful anchor charts, color-coding their notes, and using markers/colored pencils/crayons to draw diagrams and pictures that correlate to the topic we are learning. Art and color has really helped students remember the complicated Biology material. Students use art to reinforce the content and express their creativity in class.

This year, I plan on incorporating Interactive Binders and more Biology Doodle Notes to help students understand the material.

The TPT gift cards will allow me to find more Biology Doodle Notes inspiration to incorporate into the classroom. The new classroom set of markers, crayons, and colored pencils will ensure all students will receive the supplies necessary to have fun and be creative. The chalk markers will be used during labs and review days to allow students to draw diagrams and graphs on our lab tables. The colorful Astrobright paper will be used for student notes, while the folders will be used to organize student work. My new Biology curriculum uses more art and doodling to help with student engagement and mastery. Overall, these supplies will ensure my students will have fun and stay creative in my Biology class.

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