Celebrating Raptor Pride

Donation Date:
June 2022

Mr. Johnson

Harmony Ridge P-8

Last year, our school began a weekly Pride Club during middle school lunch. The club was a hit as it provided many students a safe space to discover new friends, have fun, and be their authentic selves. We hope to build upon that initial success in our second year by providing additional resources and encouraging more student ownership of the club.

A primary focus of the project is to create a classroom library full of inclusive stories that represent our students' diverse identities!
We hope to foster greater self-acceptance and a love of reading by providing books that will engage and inspire our students. The project also includes several games popular with middle schoolers that will be used to help develop positive peer relationships. Finally, the project also requests stickers and basic art supplies to assist with advertising the club.

Every student deserves to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome at school. Thank you for your support in achieving this!

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