Calmer Under the Clouds

Donation Date:
September 2022

Mrs. Joyce

Tooele, UT

2020 changed a lot of experiences for everyone, but it really affected young children in ways that we are discovering every day. Since then, I've been more motivated to pay attention to my students anxiety. There are more and more children experiencing anxiety due to several events that we can't even imagine are happening! What is special about this generation is that because of those BIG events that may have started during that time or sooner, they are learning to become more resilient.

One of the ways students learn to be resilient is by learning how to cope with anxiety when it comes.

My students are ROCK STARS and are very capable of handing these stressors and are learning how to do this more and more each year. However, I would really like to be able to enhance their coping mechanisms by creating a more calming classroom environment.

The materials I'm hoping to be able to purchase for my students will both help to create a more calming experience and give the students something to do with their hands so that the student can get that brain moving and create. In the past, I have witnessed students being able to focus better when just holding a fidget and being able to do something with their hands. The fluorescent light covers would help by reducing the fluorescent glow coming from the those lights. Some students get headaches from the light emitted through that type of bulb. Yes, they're everyone in our world, but I would like to provide something different for my students.

Please help me to make this happen by donating to my project.

Thank you so very much!

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