November 19, 2020

Top 8 Holiday Party Games to Play with a Virtual Class

GoGuardian Team
A student sitting on the couch wearing a blanket and waving at a laptop screen

Managing a virtual online class is one of the most challenging things that educators have to go through. For example, how do you ensure your e-learners are entertained during the holidays without compromising their productivity?

Hosting holiday party activities for a virtual class is tricky if you don't have the skills and some school holiday party ideas for the team. In this article, we mention some of the top holiday party games you can try for your virtual class to keep them engaged as the holidays approach.

1. The Game of Monopoly

Monopoly has been around for ages, and your class is probably conversant with it. When you think about the best Christmas games for kids, Monopoly should come at the top of your list. With this game, you will be improving your learners' problem-solving skills. But you don't have to sit around the dinner table with the class to enjoy this classic board game.

Instruct your class to download and install a Monopoly app on their phones so you can all play virtually and enjoy the game together. You can also have a video chat while playing Monopoly to ensure everyone is engaged. Enjoy rolling the dice, buying property, negotiating trades, and trying to stay out of jail.

The official Monopoly mobile version allows you to interact freely with your virtual class when you cannot meet physically during the holiday. There are also several free versions available for both iOS and Android, as well as web-based browser games that don’t require a download to play.

2. Enjoy Scattergories

Scattergories is one of the best school Christmas party games for kids. In this game, kids use a chat feature to share their response based on the game board's letters. The game provides a letter and categories of answers each player should give. The objective of the game is for each player to provide as many unique answers as possible. You can specify the time every kid should take when answering the questions.

Each kid earns a point if they come up with an answer that no one else in the class has provided. No one gets a point if someone else has mentioned their answer. When there is a dispute on correct answers, players have to negotiate how to overrule the answer. Each player tracks their points. Scattergories encourages language skills and creativity in kids and keeps them engaged at home.

3. Play Holiday Yuletide with Your Class

Virtual soirees and party games can easily elevate your moods during the winter holidays. If you are running low on school Christmas party ideas, you can try playing online Yuletide with your virtual class. It is one of the best virtual Christmas party games you can try.

In this game, you can break into different groups and time yourself on trivia questions. Most questions in the game are centered on Yuletide traditions and Christmas around the world.

For a creative twist, there is also Yuletide Pictionary. Select the whiteboard feature on the game and screen-share. Offer each member a social prompt like eggnog, reindeer, or mistletoe. Each member is given a minute to draw the word as others guess the outcome.

4. Read Classic Christmas Tales

Everyone enjoys storytelling, including adults and kids. During the winter break, you can re-activate your storytelling abilities and keep your virtual class engaged. You can host a live event and read the classic Christmas stories for your class.

These Christmas stories can be both nostalgic and calming. When you master the art of storytelling, you can keep your class engaged and entertained throughout the session.

Choose several stories for your virtual class, such as The Nutcracker, The Polar Express, and A Christmas Carol. Whichever story you choose to read, ensure it is interesting to your audience to keep them attentive throughout. You might even select one of your students in the virtual class to read each story, or have students take turns reading a few lines each.

Another fun option is to ask your class to read a classic Christmas movie script of their choice. Students will enjoy taking different roles in the script, and this way, every member will have the chance to participate.

5. Virtual Dance Party

Choosing the best Christmas party games for kids is never a walk in the park. If you’re looking for the best holiday games to energize students, try a virtual dance party. If you have dancers in your virtual class, this may be the right time to let them showcase their talents to their peers.

Hosting a virtual dance party is such a thrilling experience that your remote learning class will enjoy. Students don't have to dance if they prefer not to. Some may enjoy cheering on others as they perform their best moves. The important part is to ensure everyone is enjoying the moment together as a class.

6. Two Truths and a Lie

This type of game is a good fit if you want to learn more about your virtual class members, including their secrets. The games give students the freedom to reveal what nobody else knows about them, right from their hearts.

In this game, everyone, including the leader, writes three facts about themselves that nobody knows. In the list of facts from each member, one item is inaccurate, and other members have to identify which one it is.

This may be the time to find out if your students know one another very well. They’ll have to think twice before identifying the incorrect item on each list—what a fantastic way to engage!

7. Virtual Secret Gift Exchange

Your school Christmas party is never complete without Secret Santa. Hosting a remote Secret Santa exchange is one exciting virtual event you can enjoy with your virtual class.

Everybody loves presents during the winter holidays, and in this game, everyone gets the chance to become a secret Santa. Each student writes down a few small gifts they would like to receive. The student draws a name of a classmate and becomes that person’s personal Santa. Students then exchange gifts covertly through the mail. The class then opens their gifts in a group video party and tries to guess who their giver is. To keep things affordable for everyone, be sure to set a low price limit on gifts.

8. Caroling Karaoke

During the Christmas holidays, everyone has their favorite holiday songs. Many radio stations play Christmas carols non-stop, making it easy for everyone to learn the song lyrics. Have each student choose their favorite Christmas holiday songs, then host a virtual singalong where everyone can participate. Use tools like Watch2Gether to stream Christmas carol videos, and share a holiday playlist to your virtual class using YouTube. To turn it into a game, you can put up the music or video and hide the lyrics, then ask class members to sing the next line in the song without reading the lyrics.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot you can do during the winter break to keep your virtual class engaged. If you are short of school holiday party ideas for your virtual class, you can try the eight games shared in this article.

When choosing a winter party game for your virtual class, ensure it is entertaining and your virtual class is conversant with it. School holiday party games are very engaging and a great way for students to blow off steam as they head into the winter holiday break.