October 6, 2020

Tip Tuesday: Surviving the Virtual Classroom

Jake Miller
Jake Miller head shot next to the words "Tip Tuesday: Episode 1 - Surviving the Virtual Classroom"

Top 3 Virtual Classroom Survival Tips

In Episode 1 of our new Tip Tuesday video series, 8th grade Science teacher and EdTech enthusiast Jake Miller provides us with his Top 3 Virtual Classroom Survival Tips. Check out the video to see how these tips can help teachers and students have fun, stay connected, and navigate the virtual classroom experience more effectively.

Tip: Build in ways to hear from everyone using tools like Peardeck and Flipgrid...or even just the teacher-student chat in GoGuardian Teacher!

Hear the rest of Jake’s tips in the video!

Where to find Jake online:

#EduDuctTape Podcast
Twitter: @JakeMillerTech

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Jake Miller is an 8th grade science teacher, tech coach, computer-aided design teacher, and speaker located in Northeast Ohio. Jake is also on EdTech’s 2020 K-12 IT Influencer list and host of the #EduDuctTape podcast.