February 2, 2021

Tip Tuesday: Logging In with Littles

Joli Boucher
Joli Boucher headshot next to the words "Tip Tuesday: Episdoe 6 - Logging In with Littles"

Tip Tuesday with Joli Boucher: Logging In with Littles

While kids are learning from home, parents are also multitasking their own work loads as they guide their children in online learning. The younger the child, the more supervision is needed from the parents. It can be a struggle for parents and teachers to get younger children logged in and engaged in their virtual classroom lessons, but a few intuitive, fun tools can help even the littlest students log in and stay on task.

In Episode 6 of our Tip Tuesday video series, Technology Integration Specialist and Educator Joli Boucher provides us with her tips for Logging In with Littles. Watch the video above to see Joli’s tips for helping students log in safely to their online classrooms!

Where to find Joli online:

Twitter: @JoliBoucher
Website: Flipped Tech Coaching
YouTube Channel: Flipped Tech Coaching with Joli

Where to get the tools in the video:

Clever Badge
Pear Deck

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