August 30, 2017

Three Ways GoGuardian Strengthens the Teacher-Student Connection

Jeneil Morretino
Three students sit at a table in the library. One uses a laptop, and the other two use tablets.
"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is most important."
- Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates’ quote best articulates the power of utilizing technology in the classroom. It does not mean less teaching or that the technology replaces the teacher. In fact... it’s quite the opposite. The power of great technology like GoGuardian lies in its ability to reinforce and strengthen the teacher-student connection, and bring it to another level. As a middle school teacher with a passion for education and learning, I’ve seen this first hand.

I teach seventh grade at Sequoia Middle School in Redding, California, and we use technology in the classroom… everyday. Google Chromebooks play a vital role in my classroom: they provide a comprehensive learning experience, from helping kids develop their writing skills, to equipping students with the technological skills needed for success in their future careers. GoGuardian Teacher takes this technology a step further: it streamlines classroom management, and helps provide a more curated learning experience for each student. Here are three key ways I've used GoGuardian to better manage my classroom, and strengthen my connection with my students:

1. GoGuardian Keeps My Finger on the Pulse of Each Student’s Progress
I have a large class, and keeping kids focused is a challenge. I could theoretically walk around the class and look at each student’s screen to make sure they are on task. Yet this would not only be ineffective, as students can easily hide their screen or switch tabs, but it’s inefficient and takes time out of class. With GoGuardian, I can see in one consolidated screen view what students are working on, so I can better manage the class overall and send personalized reminders to keep students task. With GoGuardian, I’m also able to see in detail which skills students have mastered, and which skills students still need to develop and improve. With this detailed perspective, I can better identify students’ strengths, and help them overcome challenges. This keeps me constantly in tune with each individual child’s progress, so I can curate my teaching to each student. It also saves me class time.

2. GoGuardian Gives Introverted Students a Voice
GoGuardian Teacher’s instant-messaging chat feature has been beneficial to me as a teacher in that it has facilitated communication with more introverted students who wouldn’t necessarily want to call attention to themselves in front of the entire class. Students can ask questions discreetly that they’re embarrassed to ask, without me needing to draw attention or pull them aside. It also helps shy students feel confident to ask for more clarification and help from me. In this way, GoGuardian’s technology gives introverted students a tool to express themselves and get heard in the classroom.

3. GoGuardian Maximizes Class Time & Minimizes Interruptions:
Regardless of whether students are more introverted or extroverted, with GoGuardian Teacher, students can send messages to me or ask questions without interrupting the flow of the class. This is a huge asset to the teacher as it preserves class time and means we don’t fall behind. If some students are progressing easily, they aren’t delayed by students who need more support and attention. With GoGuardian Teacher, I also have an organized record of questions students are asking and see what point specifically they are struggling with, which I can utilize as a resource for differentiated instruction.

For me, one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of teaching is helping students to see how much they have to offer the world . With GoGuardian’s technology, I can better help my students to recognize their own natural gifts, and unlock their full potential. GoGuardian truly brings the teacher-student connection to a more evolved level; one that is interactive, gives students a voice and maintains the flow of the classroom. Perhaps most importantly, it allows teachers to provide a customized learning experience for their students, so no child is left behind and each child gets the attention and help they deserve.