August 6, 2020

Makeshift HomeSchool: How to Inspire Your Family with Self-Directed Learning (Episode 3)

GoGuardian Team
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In this four-episode podcast series, we had the opportunity to have a candid conversation with the creators of Makeshift Homeschool, the McPhail family. Joseph, the father, and his two daughters, Sumay (11) and Aila (8), discuss what drew them to create this self-directed learning program during the pandemic.


Below are a few highlights from the episode:

Sumay [on what she misses about school]: Sometimes it can be hard finding out what you want to do next. And sometimes you feel like there's so many different things to learn, and there are so many different things you can create. And there are probably whole worlds of just information that you haven't even taken a step into. So sometimes when it's coming to do the next thing, it's a little hard trying to figure out what you should actually do. And with school, the structure can be kind of helpful.

Aila: I am noticing that Makeshift is really different from actual school. Usually my dad tells me to make a post, and then I figure what I want to do the post about. I write the post, and then I get edited by either Sumay, my dad, or my mom. I put it on Makeshift Homeschool. If I want to, I can share it with my friends, I can share it with my teachers, I can share it with anybody I want. And that's really different from having this teacher give a big, long lecture and then have you do a few math questions on a paper.

Aila: The happiness burger is when they're doing something good for you—you're studying, but you're not really studying. You're doing things that help your education, but that also is good for you that you also like.

Stay tuned for our final episode next week as the kids talk about learning from each other and Dad talks about learning opportunities that parents can create for their children.

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