Shannon Bosetti teaches sixth grade in Redding School District.

I have been teaching for 13 years, and when my classroom went 1:1 with Chromebooks, it completely changed my pedagogy. I find it much easier to differentiate instruction, and to tailor my teaching to the needs of each individual child inside and outside the classroom.  I can also expand learning for a student who really wants to dive into a particular topic, and stay connected as they explore a new arena. 

1:1 not only helps the learning come alive, but equips students with the technology skills that will be imperative to their future success. For example, for an ancient Egyptian character report last year, my students conducted all the research on their chosen character, but, in addition, they created a Google Slides deck to present to the class, which enabled them to master Google Slides. The last step was they created a Kahoot quiz to ensure the other students in the classroom understood the concepts they presented. The students were teaching and learning from each other, and this got them excited about the subject matter in a new way.


Staying Connected In Class

GoGuardian Teacher has further enhanced the benefits of going 1:1 because GoGuardian helps me stay connected both inside and outside of the classroom. Inside the classroom, I feel more at ease because I know my students are aware that I can monitor and help guide their progress online...and when I say “monitor” it’s never in the negative sense of the word. With GoGuardian, I can monitor students’ progress on the Chromebooks and send them questions to check-in such as: “Where are you in the process? Do you need my support?”

I also like using the GoGuardian Teacher Summary feature, which gives me a synopsis of how students are spending their time on their Chromebooks. It will indicate students who are browsing too often and getting distracted, which allows me to communicate with them immediately and get them back on track. It also shows the students who are staying focused, so I can thank them for their work and for using the technology as it’s meant to be used. In this sense, GoGuardian Teacher is another channel that keeps me in sync with my students and their academic progress.


Checking In When I’m Away

Outside the classroom GoGuardian has also been extremely useful. When I’ve been away for a teacher training, GoGuardian has enabled me to ensure that my students are following the lesson plan I provided to the substitute teacher. Now that I have GoGuardian, I always tell my students: “When I’m away... I’m never really away!” At one point, I was out sick and I logged into GoGuardian to check-in on my students. I noticed that a group of students had an extra tab open listening to music while they were supposed to be reading a text. So I immediately sent a general message to everyone saying, “Don’t forget, it’s really difficult to read a text and listen to music at the same time, and give it your full attention. Please turn off your music.” I received 15 messages in response from students saying, “I’m so sorry Mrs. Bosetti! Thank you very much for reminding me!”

With GoGuardian, we don’t lose ground and it minimizes any impact my absence would have, because the program keeps me continually connected.


Expanding the Classroom

GoGuardian Teacher doesn’t just provide tools to enhance the brick-and-mortar classroom dynamic. It expands the classroom… with software, digital teacher aids, and technologies that enhance and expand my lessons. With GoGuardian, I feel more connected than ever before with my students and I don’t have to worry as much. I can rest easy knowing my students are focused on learning, and safe from inappropriate content and harmful behavior on the internet. One of the reasons that I teach is because I love kids, and I love the look on their faces when they are having an “aha!” moment, or when we’ve made a connection. My experience is that great technology like GoGuardian only strengthens that connection and helps students actualize their full potential.