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May 25, 2021

End-of-Year Best Practices: What to do before your school closes for the summer

GoGuardian Team

Being an educator means having a million and one things to get done before the summer break begins. As a GoGuardian SuperUser, you have many tools to manage and student devices to retrieve between now and the end of the school year. To help lighten the load as you wrap up an unusual school year, we’ve compiled a handy list of best practices for closing out the year with GoGuardian’s suite of tools and preparing for next year. We’ve listed the tips below according to each product, with links to detailed directions.

Org Management

Disable any old users

When staff leave your district, we recommend disabling and archiving their account and changing their name. By disabling the account, you will prevent their classes from running. Changing their name to start with "Z" will move them to the bottom of your User Account list.

Add new users

Adding in new staff will put you ahead of the game for the start of the new school year! When creating a new account, please ensure each user is enabled and at least one GoGuardian product is enabled.

Manage or update any user permissions

If you have any staff members who have changed their roles, edit their permissions to ensure they have the appropriate access to products and student information.

Apply GoGuardian extensions to new Org Units

Ensure that your GoGuardian extensions are applied and synced to any new Org Units that may be coming through in the next school year. Follow our GoGuardian Install guides for Admin and Teacher to ensure your new students receive the GoGuardian Extensions upon their first login.

GG Teacher - EOY

GoGuardian Teacher

Disable classroom sessions over the summer break

During a break, some districts choose to disable classroom sessions from running. By toggling this feature in GoGuardian Teacher to gray, this will prevent any classroom session from starting. *Note: To allow any new sessions to start again next school year, this setting must be enabled in Org Management > Products > Teacher Settings. We recommend setting a reminder before the school year begins so your teachers can get up and running right away.

Remind your teachers to archive classrooms or turn off any of their scheduled sessions before they leave for the summer break. This GoGuardian Help Center article will show them how.

GG Admin - EOY

GoGuardian Admin

Manually sync your Google Admin Console

To ensure that students who are graduating or leaving the district are not still being filtered and monitored, you will want to manually sync your GAC.

Update your filtering and monitoring settings

We recommend checking your "Out of School Mode" settings in your GoGuardian Admin account at the end of the school year/semester to ensure it is set appropriately for your district's needs.

GG Beacon - Card - EOY

GoGuardian Beacon

Update your escalation list

As a best practice, it is recommended that you review your Beacon escalation list at the end of the school year so that the right staff members are notified in the event of an alert. Update your escalation list and remove any users, as well as add additional staff members.

Update your summer school hours and after-school notifications

By default, the Beacon escalation list is only active during school hours set in Beacon Settings > School Hours. This setting only affects email and text message notifications sent out by the escalation list; Beacon alerts will continue in-app at all hours. If you would like your escalation list to send out email notifications after school hours or during the summer break, simply enable After School Notifications.

fleet export inventory 16x9

GoGuardian Fleet

Unassign students who have Chromebooks

As students graduate or unenroll for the next school year, you’ll need to make sure they return their Chromebooks. Once the devices are in your school’s hands, update your deployment list. Remove these students from school-issued devices by unassigning them in GoGuardian Fleet.

Be sure to reference this guide as you go through each GoGuardian product—and again to double check your work after you’ve finished. As another best practice, review this list again before the next school year to remind yourself to re-enable the settings that you’ve disabled. GoGuardian will be around all summer, so reach out to us if you have any questions or need support with a product. Have a great summer break!