December 8, 2020

15 of the Best Gifts for Teachers

GoGuardian Team
Illustration of students presenting gifts to a teacher

Teachers are superheroes to many of us. All of the engineers, doctors, lawyers, and lawmakers of this world were molded in the able hands of teachers. The services that teachers offer are priceless. World Teachers Day occurs at the beginning of October to celebrate educators and their work.

At an individual level, appreciating these workers also means a great deal to them, and there are many personalized thank you gifts for teachers to consider. We have gathered 15 of the best teacher gift ideas for you, so the next time you intend to surprise a teacher, here are some thoughtful teacher gifts that are more than just apples.

What do Teachers Really Want as Gifts?

The whole idea of finding the best gifts for teachers is not to pay them but to make them feel appreciated. Regardless of the price of the gift, teachers, like everyone else, love it when their efforts are recognized, and they don’t necessarily need anything expensive. Even small gifts can show great appreciation and have a way of motivating people and making them better at what they do.

1. Gift Cards

Most teachers love gift cards more than any other gift. If you’re planning to surprise your favorite teacher, a card for a convenient place not far away from where they are would be awesome. Think about their favorite coffee shop, a local restaurant that you think they should try, or a store or e-commerce platform where they can find anything they would need. These sorts of gifts are ideal for teachers without having to pinpoint their exact interests.

2. Good Books

Books are special gifts for everyone, but to teachers, they may appeal even more. Perhaps you've come across a new book that reminds you of your son’s teacher or a book that you feel can be of great value to both the teacher and their students. A brand new book presented as a gift goes a long way and creates fond memories for many years.

3. School Supplies

In most cases, teachers find themselves buying miscellaneous classroom supplies from their pockets. It can add up fast, and before you know it, you’re spending a lot of money on sharpeners, pencils, erasers, colors, wet wipes, sanitizers, and other sundries. Buying some of these things in medium-to-large quantities can be of great help and show your favorite teacher that their contributions are noticed and appreciated.

4. Tackle Box

Teachers are continually looking to add to their school supplies, and they like keeping things organized. Consider a tackle box designed for the desk to keep pencils, pens, push pins, paper clips, erasers, and all in a fun pattern. It makes finding needed supplies comfortable and demonstrates organization to students. Get a hold of a strongbox and seal it well with a gift paper. You might not know how much such a gift would mean to a teacher.

5. Set of Sticky Notes

Whatever style or design you settle on, sticky notes set can be so handy. Teachers handle many things almost simultaneously, and they get overwhelmed sometimes. They are humans, after all. Add some fun pens or a marker or two on top, and you’ve helped an educator keep their planning and grading organized and tidy. Pick a color or pattern that your favorite teacher is sure to love, or have a custom set made for a personal touch.

6. Stand-Up Desk Calendar

A beautiful week-at-a-glance calendar that stands on the desk is one of the many thank-you gifts for teachers to also consider. Choose one that does not include dates, so it can be used starting any time the teacher wants. This type of calendar is designed for the user to just circle the month and fill in the dates manually.

7. Zippered Pouch

A unique pouch with a zipper is essential for a teacher in and out of the classroom. Get one that comes with a separate pen loop. Pens and other supplies such as glue and wipes need to be kept separately. A gift of any nature is supposed to be priceless, and this is one of the top teacher gift ideas. Fill the bag with a variety of supplies.

8. Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

Winters can be unforgiving, and no teacher should be forced to drink cold coffee or tea. There are several brands of travel mugs, such as Yeti, but take it upon yourself to get your favorite teacher the kind of mug they deserve. Look for top quality with a five-year warranty on the retention of heat.

9. Water Bottle

Again, you can find some fantastic high-quality water bottles online. If you love them, teachers will love them too. Save them from carrying the same old bottle from January to December by surprising them with the best water bottle you can find, such as Swell or Hydro Flask. It doesn’t sound like a fancy gift, but it is highly valuable, and the teacher will certainly appreciate it.

10. “Teach from the Heart” Notebooks

How about ending the year with a new notebook—with the teacher’s name and grade. In addition to notebooks, address books and work planners for the week and the month are incredibly useful. It could be just what the teacher’s locker has been missing.

11. Pencil Organizer

Here is a creative idea that every teacher will appreciate. Whether you decided to buy a gift card or Christmas gifts for teachers, slip them into a graphic pencil case and deliver it as ‘just a gift’ rather than boxing and wrapping the gift. The pencil organizer is a useful item that can also double as a passport holder when your teacher fancies a holiday trip.

12. Custom Pencil Set

The tendency of students to borrow teacher’s pencils and fail to return them has to end. With a clearly labeled set of pencils, the teacher’s property remains theirs, and students are less likely to take them home. You have the choice of pencil colors, and in most cases up to 256 characters of engraving.

13. Handmade Gift

All the day’s hard work handling a bunch of energetic kids can take its toll. But what better reminder that it’s all been worth it than to have a personalized gift handcrafted by a grateful student? This is also a perfect way for a child to stretch their creative and artistic muscles.

14. Order Treats Online

Pears, gourmet cookies, steaks, Chicago deep-dish pizza on dry ice, and other regional treats from Goldbelly—there are endless options for ordering and shipping special treats from anywhere in the country. The great thing about sending food is that it’s enjoyable by everyone and doesn’t add clutter to anyone’s home.

15. Hobby Supplies

Does your teacher love music? Give them an iTunes or Spotify gift card. Do they like to embroider? Send them a cross-stitch kit. Think of items that your teacher would usually buy for themselves to accommodate their own lifestyle, and surprise them with the supplies so that they don’t need to.

Final Thoughts

There are so many teacher gift ideas out there, and finding one or two that resonates well with a class environment is a bonus. For the hard work that teachers around the world do, it’s only right that they are appreciated in the best way possible. A small gift goes a long way, and for whatever budget, there is always something valuable that your kid’s mentor would value.