Understand key insights

Quickly access insights on student activity, and give parents direct access to student data.

GoGuardian Admin’s intuitive reporting provides insights on student browsing, making it easy to obtain the data you need so you can spend more time taking action on relevant issues.

With GoGuardian’s dedicated parent reporting app, you can also share a student’s online activity directly with their parent or guardian and provide them with additional after-hours filtering controls.

Powerful device-agnostic internet filtering

Create productive online learning environments with advanced AI that helps you protect students from harmful content and eliminate unwanted distractions.

GoGuardian Admin’s powerful internet filtering engine learns and dynamically updates to keep up with changing content so you don’t have to. Feel confident knowing that your students are safe anywhere they venture.

Our flexible internet filter allows you to curate your school’s internet filtering policies to block comments, keywords, live chat, and entire video categories.

Includes Beacon Starter

Begin identifying students who are most at risk of suicide.

Included with GoGuardian Admin’s internet filter at no additional cost, Beacon Starter uses advanced machine learning to monitor content on school-issued devices and provides schools with alerts of the most serious phase of suicide intent: Active Planning.

Simple UI, complex tasks

Protect even the most demanding K-12 environments, manage every user on your network, and apply policies to any environment.

More than just a Chromebook content filter, GoGuardian Admin’s device-agnostic content filter makes it easy to manage all of your users, regardless of device type, operating system, or browser, including BYOD and guest network devices.

Easily set up and apply your school’s internet filtering policies to any situation, and manage them from a single unified interface, no matter how complex your technology environment is.

Get more with GoGuardian Admin

  • Device-agnostic

    Powerful content filter that works on any school device, browser, or OS.

  • Dynamic internet filtering

    GoGuardian’s Smart Filtering engine continuously scans the browser to filter proxies and dynamic websites on the fly.

  • Better digital citizens

    Automatically block harmful content, and send customized messages to students to encourage better digital behavior.

  • Theft Recovery

    Track devices by serial number, device type, user information, and location history.

  • Filter anywhere

    Differentiate your school’s internet filtering policies based on time of day or whether a device is on-campus or off-campus.

  • Penalty box

    Add individual students to an allow-only policy without moving OUs or leaving GoGuardian.

  • Intuitive dashboard

    Quickly see trends and activity for your entire OU, including most visited sites, videos, apps, and docs.

  • Student reports

    Easily create detailed reports on individual student browsing.

  • Activity reports

    Generate usage reports for apps, websites, google docs, and more.

See it in action

Deliver instruction, encourage collaboration, and stay connected to students wherever they learn.

  • Dedicated implementation team.
  • Get up and running in minutes.
  • Free online product training.