GoGuardian Admin

The most complete K-12
web filter, now for any device

Help keep students safe on any device, any browser,
or any OS from a single unified interface.

A Classroom Environment

Powerful content filtering built
specifically for school environments

Flexible Policies make it easy to apply filtering rules across your entire organization.

Smart FilteringTM is up to 100x more
effective than traditional URL filters.

Unlike other solutions, Smart Filtering™ uses GoGuardian's proprietary neural network to continuously understand context within the browser. GoGuardian gives admins full control over what we call Smart Rules, or customizable actions and insights.


Always improving from community input and new websites.


Full control for different content types at school and at home, all at the Org Unit level.

Smart Filtering continuously scans for explicit content, web proxies, and more.


Identify students who are most
at risk of suicide

Start identifying students who are most at risk of suicide. Beacon Starter uses advanced machine learning to monitor content on school-issued devices, and it provides schools with alerts of the most serious phase of suicide: active planning. Beacon Starter is included with GoGuardian Admin at no additional cost. Learn more about GoGuardian Beacon

Monitors all websites

Beacon Starter monitors across search engines, chat, social media, email, web apps, and more.

Active Planning category

Beacon Starter includes active planning alerts—the most serious category of suicide-related activity.

Beacon alert notification card

Beacon Starter detects suicide-related activity in real time.


Open up the learning potential of the internet.

Artificial Intelligence helps make it possible.

Streamline the recovery of your missing
Chromebooks with just a few clicks.

Full control over your devices at all times with new and improved Theft Recovery.

Easy to use. Hard to beat.

Benefit 1

Works anywhere

No hardware needed — perfect for flipped classrooms and 1:1 programs.

Benefit 2

Strong security

We use AWS and TLS-encryption to protect your data in storage and transit.

Benefit 3

Fast deployment

With our dedicated implementation team, get up and running in as little as 5 minutes.

Benefit 4

World-class support

Chat with our friendly Customer Care Agents anytime during school hours.

Benefit 1

Beyond URLs and Keyword

GoGuardian uses proprietary neural networks to continuously understand context within the browser, giving admins full control on customizable actions and insights.

Benefit 2

Multi-Platform Support

Effortlessly filter any device on your school network, including guests from one unified interface.

Benefit 3

Parent App Included

Share a student’s online activity directly with their parent or Guardian, eliminating the need to manually generate student activity reports.

Educators everywhere are talking about GoGuardian

Two weeks into Chagrin Falls device rollout, the network went down three days in a row. The district needed a tool to identify the source of the network failure, so they could get their devices up and running and stay on track with the curriculum.

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