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Anoka School District + GoGuardian

How do you push education forward and unlock student potential?

A tailored solution for Anoka

As a GoGuardian Admin™ user at one of the largest school districts in Minnesota, you know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education simply doesn’t work. You’re already effectively monitoring district-wide Chromebook use while trying to maintain connections with the students in your community. Today, you need virtual classrooms that are tailored to the specific and varied needs of a hybrid learning environment.

GoGuardian Teacher™ empowers you to lead more effectively in your community, help address potential issues further upstream, and strengthen your relationships between students, teachers, and district leadership.

Explore GoGuardian Teacher

Create compelling and safe learning environments that enable educators to guide students online without limiting their potential.


Explore GoGuardian Teacher

Create compelling and safe learning environments that enable educators to guide students online without limiting their potential.

Save time with Scenes
Recover instructional time with tools that help get a class started faster.

Track remote attendance
Access student attendance and engagement data with tracking tools and reports.

Get students on the same page
Push out tabs to students to get them on-task and on the right webpage.

Stay connected to students
Connect with students using digital communication tools, such as text, voice, and video chat.

Monitor present and past activity
Keep an eye on active tabs or review past classroom sessions with Activity Timelines.

Keep students focused
Identify students who need help through real-time views into student online activity.
Get students on-task
Close tabs or lock screens to correct off-task behaviors.

Integrated classroom management

In class. At Home. Together.

With some or all students learning from home, it’s important to bridge the gap between in-class and at-home learning. View student screens, close or push tabs, lock screens, and chat in GoGuardian Teacher.

Deliver the same lesson to all students together while apart, and help keep all your students engaged and on the same page—regardless of where they are learning.

Connect with all students.

Distance learning has put equity at the forefront of educators’ concerns. Communicate at any internet connection level, focus on students that need the most attention, and give 1:1 direct feedback to students using GoGuardian Teacher’s communication tools.

Learn how Kelly Atkins was able to use GoGuardian Teacher to keep her students engaged, even when internet connectivity was a struggle.

Integrate. Simplify. Automate.

Teachers don’t have time to learn and adapt new solutions to their classrooms, but GoGuardian utilizes integrations to import existing Google Classroom rosters and simplify classroom setup, while automatically keeping them up to date.

Save time with seamless integration and an intuitive interface that helps teachers get set up quickly to support their existing workflows.

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Advait Shinde | CEO, GoGuardian

“Education is the highest point of leverage for improving society. We’ve built GoGuardian on the foundation that digital learning can meaningfully advance educational outcomes for every student, school, and district.”

Hybrid Education Resources

Students are an untapped resource in navigating the pandemic

The pandemic presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to work together to empower students to participate in building a better future for all of us.

With Online Video, Teachers Get Creative to Connect with Students

Despite the roadblocks our education system is experiencing from being whiplashed into an online world, teachers and administrators are embracing change and finding ingenious ways to connect with students online in a meaningful way.

Online and Hybrid Engagement with Mariana Aguilar

Let’s talk engagement, including a hybrid and online environment. Mariana Aguilar discusses the research from GoGuardian’s observations. (fun fact - at 5:30, the host brings up an interview he did with Seth Godin on engagement vs enrollment)

The privilege of Ethical Design

GoGuardian’s Principal UX Designer Paola Mendoza writes about ethical design and the importance of creating products that complement the user’s process and the school’s policies.

The Importance of Partnerships for School Leaders

Mariana Aguilar discusses the importance of partnerships with key stakeholders in this Better Leaders Better Schools podcast.

Self-directed, project-based learning

Seth Godin has given great insight on learning and education, and one of the many ideas that we align with is one of self-directed, project-based learning for driving curiosity.