Cheers to you!

Happy Holidays from Pear Deck, GoGuardian, and Edulastic!

Thank you for being a bonafide difference-maker and helping illuminate the path forward for your students, colleagues, and learning communities this year. In reflecting on the past 12 months, the impact you’ve made on your students has made an impact on us.

As a token of our gratitude, we wanted to give you a few holiday gifts: 

  • First, below you’ll find a custom set of festive wallpapers to brighten up your device screens.
  • Next, we’ve included some winter-themed Pear Deck Slides to bring fun to the whole class.
  • And, as a cherry on top, we’d love to invite you to a free trial of our collection of products — including GoGuardian for classroom management, Pear Deck for instructional enrichment, and Edulastic for formative assessments.

From all of us here at GoGuardian, Pear Deck, and Edulastic — cheers to you, cheers to a bright holiday season, and cheers to the happiest New Year!

Pear Deck Slides for Winter Fun

Drop these fun slides into your lessons to delight your students. You can use them as bell-ringers, attendance checks, brain breaks, and more!

Pear Deck Winder Slides