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"Too many great ideas in education have failed because of the lack of commitment to prepare students, parents, teachers, support staff, technology staff, and administrators for the upcoming changes."

- Henry "Hank" Thiele, Ed. D


The Complete Guide to Going 1:1 has everything you need to know about deployment, management, and organization of devices in schools. Written and edited by industry experts, this guide contains step-by-step instructions, graphic aids, exercises and more:

Critical exercises
Deployment strategies and management
Worst-case scenario planning
Student organization strategies and tips

About GoGuardian

GoGuardian revolutionizes the way technology is used in schools. GoGuardian provides software that helps keep students safer when they're online, helps teachers better engage with their students, and provides educators with more control over how their technology is used. With GoGuardian's products, educators can harness the power of the internet for learning, without harmful content or distractions getting in the way. All GoGuardian software is easy to implement and manage across entire districts, and convenient to access through a single user-friendly dashboard.


GoGuardian Fleet simplifies common tasks for administrators by syncing with the Google Admin Console, making it easier to assign thousands of devices to students or classrooms, locate misplaced Chromebooks, assign short-term replacements for lost or damaged devices, track repairs, and much more.

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