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May 22, 20184 min read

How to Set a Startup Page for Students with the Google Admin Console

Find out how to use your Google Admin console to set home pages to open automatically for students after launching their web browser.

April 23, 20185 min read

How to Set Up Google Admin Console: Best Practices

A guide to configuring the Google Admin Console, best practices for set-up, and optimal settings for use of the Google Apps Admin Console and GoGuardian.

April 6, 20184 min read

How Content-Based Filtering Helps Shape Student Behavior

Learn about the issues IT admins and educators everywhere are tackling, and how Smart Filtering in schools presents an exciting solution.

March 14, 20185 min read

Why Not All Filtering Solutions Are Created Equal

Learn how URL-based filtering is limited in its ability to identify inappropriate content and how AI makes school filtering more nuanced and effective than ever

February 27, 20184 min read

To Block or Not to Block: The State of Chromebook Filtering in Schools

Discover trends in school filtering and K-12 student Chromebook usage in the 2018 Benchmark Report.

October 18, 20174 min read

5 Tech Tools for Classroom Collaboration

Here are 5 effective edtech tools that will inspire collaboration among your students as well as innovation in the classroom.

September 27, 20178 min read

Need support for classroom technology? Start a Student Run Technology Program.

This school wanted to bring more technology into the classroom, so they created the innovative student internship called "The Chrome Squad".

December 19, 20163 min read

Use Wildcards to Make the Most of Your GoGuardian Admin Blacklist

Learn how to use wildcarding in GoGuardian Admin.

December 19, 20164 min read

9 Facts about Digital Citizenship

Being a better digital citizen can mean the difference between a good and bad experience online. Read these digital citizenship facts to improve your experience

December 8, 20163 min read

How to GAC: Pin Apps and Extensions to the Chrome Launcher

Learn how to pin apps and extensions to the Chrome Launcher, making it super easy for your students to find and use their most important apps and extensions.

October 6, 20165 min read

How to Make Enterprise Mass-Enrolling Chromebooks Easier

Learn how to automate mass enrolling Chromebooks using one of two great scripting tools.

August 24, 20164 min read

What's an IP Address?

How IP addresses work, and the difference between internal and external IP addresses, written in easy to understand language.

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