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December 21, 20164 min read

Flexible Seating Benefits for Your Classroom

Why is flexible seating so important? These are the benefits you'll see for your classroom

December 9, 20164 min read

Celebrating Dewey Decimal System Day

Celebrate the rich history and change libraries have gone through by watching a hilarious Dewey Decimal System rap!

August 26, 20164 min read

Teaching with Technology: What We Get and What We Can't Forget

An English Language Arts teacher with 10 years experience explains how to teach with technology and how to be the best teacher for your students.

August 3, 20167 min read

Escape Rooms in the Classroom

Step-by-step instructions and ideas show you how to bring escape rooms to your classrooms and professional development to increase engagement and retention.

July 25, 20162 min read

Principal Spotlight: Getting Connected Changed Everything

Award-winning principal and White House Campion for Change describes the impact social media, namely Twitter, has had on his students, schools and classrooms.

June 9, 20164 min read

Why Teachers Should Use Social Media

A TCEA board member explains why social media helps advance his impact in the classroom and teaching profession overall.

May 3, 20163 min read

4 Online Tools to Improve Music Education

4 tools to help students maximize the skills and outcomes that music education facilitates, including verbal memory, spatial processing, reading skills and IQ.

May 3, 20162 min read

5 Free Digital Citizenship Teaching Tools

These free tools are guaranteed to help deliver lessons that students love and will remember whenever going online.

May 3, 20162 min read

Free Resources for Teaching Lessons on Digital Citizenship

Our free resources will help build digital citizenship lesson plans that are sure to drive home the importance of being a digital citizen.

November 19, 20154 min read

Tupac's Take on Education is Still Surprisingly Relevant

Tupac's call for personalized learning tailored to students' individual needs is still relevant today, almost 20 years after his death.

November 3, 20153 min read

The 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Peer Feedback

Knowing how to give and receive feedback is an important part of the creative process—one that often values emotional intelligence over academic achievement.

October 20, 20154 min read

The Missing Link Between Teaching and Technology

As schools worldwide go digital, using software to teach appropriate real-world behavior becomes critical.

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