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May 23, 2019

9 Tips for the End of School Year: K-12 Teacher Edition

GoGuardian Team

As the school year winds down and the last week of school approaches for some districts, seasoned teachers know that the chaos is just getting started. There are certain last-week-of-school activities that experienced teachers know are integral for finishing your year on a high note—in addition to setting things up to succeed the following school year. From continually engaging students who have checked out, to resetting your classroom for the next year, check out these teacher ideas for last week of school!

Tips for the Classroom During the Last-Week-of-School Activities

  • If you want your room to be set up the same the following year, take polaroids of it (for example, your electronic hook-ups), and post the pictures next to them. This way, the cleaners know what to leave and where/how to put items back.
  • Each week near the end of the school year, or perhaps even after teacher in-school days, organize a small section of your classroom and purge what you don’t need. Bring home any items that cannot be stored. Do everything one section at a time, across a longer period of time. Don’t leave it all for the last minute!
  • Prepare for the first week of school BEFORE you leave, during the last week of school! Make all of your copies (or even turn the copies into PDF format by scanning them), and set up/decorate before you leave for the summer. You’ll walk into a fresh and already finished classroom at the beginning of the year!

Tips for Your Students at the End of School Year

  • Before your students go home for the summer, create a survey for them that goes over lessons of the year as one of their last-week-of-school activities. Find out what they liked and didn’t like so you can improve for the next school year!
  • Keep YOURSELF engaged for the end of the year! If you lose focus or engagement, so will your students, and that can make the end of the year seem even longer.
  • Get your students excited about the summer break! Many of these students look forward to being in school. Those with harder home lives may not want to go home at the end of the school year. Help them plan fun activities that they can do at home with their siblings!

Tips for Teachers for the Last Week of School (and Beyond!)

  • Take 5-minute meditation breaks as an end-of-school-year activity during each class period to keep your mind fresh and your body relaxed! Remember to breathe; it’s almost summer break!
  • Plan your downtime at the end of the school year and over the summer, as you’re planning your professional development. It’s important to have fun and relax so you can be ready for the next school year! (Handy tip: you can have downtime AND professional development at ISTE! Plus, you can come visit GoGuardian at ISTE.)
  • Hold a class outside! A fun end-of-school-year activity when the weather starts to get nice is taking your students outside to conduct an outdoor lesson.
  • Journal. The end of the school year is a great time to reflect on things you’ve learned throughout the year. It can be a big help as a refresher when school starts up again in the fall.

What are some tips and tricks that YOU use to prep for the end of the school year? Share with us in the comments below.